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The Eighteenth International Conference on
Fibonacci Numbers and Their Applications

July 1 - July 7, 2018

Dalhousie University, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

Conference Registration

Online registration is now open; please fill in the registration and payment form.

Attendee categories and registration fees are:
- Regular attendee: $200
- Student attendee: $100
- Accompanying person: $100

These are early registration fees; from June 1st on, the fess will be 40% higher. All amounts are in Canadian Dollars.

A regular attendee and an accompanying person can register together by using the "add another attendee" feature in the registration site.

Submitting Title and Abstract

Please note deadline extension.

All participants are invited to give a 20-25 minute talk at this conference; the exact amount of time available will be determined about 4 weeks 2 weeks before the beginning of the conference. If you wish to give a talk, please send your title and abstract to the address

by May 31 June 10 at the latest. You will be notified within a week (but likely sooner) whether your talk will be accepted for this conference.

Please note that talks will not be scheduled unless the speaker's conference registration has been received by June 24th.

For students and early-career mathematicians, some limited financial support is available.

For any questions, please contact the conference organizer:
Karl Dilcher,