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Purpose and Editorial Policy

As the primary publication of the Fibonacci Association, The Fibonacci Quarterly provides the focus for worldwide interest in the Fibonacci number sequence and related mathematics. New results, research proposals, challenging problems and new proofs of known relationships are encouraged. The Quarterly seeks intelligible, well-motivated, university-level articles. Illustrations and tables should be included to the extent that they clarify main ideas of the text. A well-developed list of references is required.

Submitting an Article

Manuscripts should be submitted electronically to the editor,

Curtis Cooper, e-mail: fibonacciquarterly(at)

Please note: this is a new address; the former address, cooper(at), was discontinued on March 31, 2023.

Submissions in LaTeX are preferred, and a final submission, following preliminary acceptance, must be in LaTeX using a style file that can be downloaded here.

Illustrations should be submitted as separate EPS files.

Electronic Issues

All back issues, starting with Volume 1 (1963), are available electronically and are free of charge up to Volume 46/47 (2008/09); see the List of Issues.

Starting with Volume 44 (2006), the The Fibonacci Quarterly has published abstracts with all articles; they are freely available (see the List of Issues.) Full access to recent volumes will be by subscription only.

Books and Tables

Between 1965 and 1980 the Fibonacci Association published a number of books and tables. They are now also available electronically.

Conference Proceedings

Since 2014, the Proceedings of the biennial International Conferences on Fibonacci Numbers and Their Applications have been published as an open access 5th issue of an appropriate volume of the Fibonacci Quarterly.

The Fibonacci Association gratefully acknowledges technical support from


the Canadian Mathematical Society and the Department of Mathematics and Statistics of Dalhousie University.