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Brother U. Alfred
An Introduction to Fibonacci Discovery

Published 1965

Verner E. Hoggatt, Jr.
Fibonacci and Lucas Numbers

Published 1969

Edouard Lucas
The Theory of Simply Periodic Numerical Functions

First published in 1878; translation published in 1969

Brother Alfred Brousseau
Linear Recursion and Fibonacci Sequences

Published 1971

Marjorie Bicknell and Verner E. Hoggatt, Jr. (Editors)
A Primer for the Fibonacci Numbers

Published 1973

Verner E. Hoggatt, Jr. and Marjorie Bicknell-Johnson (Editors)
A Collection of Manuscripts Related to the Fibonacci Sequence. 18th Anniversary Volume

Published 1980

Boris A. Bondarenko
Generalized Pascal Triangles and Pyramids. Their Fractals, Graphs, and Applications

Published 1993

The following tables are mainly of historical intesterest
Tables of Fibonacci Entry Points, Part I
Published 1965

Tables of Fibonacci Entry Points, Part II
Published 1965

Fibonacci and Related Number Theoretic Tables
Published 1972

Number Theory Tables
Published 1973