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Generalized Pascal Triangles and Pyramids

Their Fractals, Graphs, and Applications

by Boris A. Bondarenko

Translated by Richard C. Bollinger

Published 1993 by the Fibonacci Association

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Title Page

Table of Contents i
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Translator's Preface v
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Preface vi
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Chapter 1:
Pascal Triangles and Their Planar and Spatial Generalizations
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Chapter 2:
Divisibility and the Distribution Modulo p and Its Powers, of Binomial, Trinomial, and Multinomial Coefficients
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Chapter 3:
Divisibility and the Distribution Modulo p of Generalized Binomial Coefficients, Fibonacci, Lucas, and Other Sequences
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Chapter 4:
Fractal Pascal and Other Arithmetic Triangles
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Chapter 5:
Generalized Arithmetic Graphs and Their Properties
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Chapter 6:
Matrices and Determinants of Binomial and Generalized Binomial Coefficients and Other Numbers
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Chapter 7:
Combinatorial Algorithms for the Construction of Generalized-Homogeneous Polynomials. Some Classes of Nonorthogonal Polynomials
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References 215
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Appendix 242
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