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Volume 54 Number 3 August 2016


Charles K. Cook
Caen and Cheese: A Report on the Seventeenth International Conference on Fibonacci Numbers and Their Applications
     Full text (Open)

R. S. Melham
Closed Forms for Finite Sums in Which the Denominator of the Summand is a Product of Trigonometric Functions
     Abstract | Full text

Rachel K. Graves, Michael R. Bacon, and Charles K. Cook
Using Matrices to Derive Identities for Recursive Sequences
     Abstract | Full text

Lawrence Somer and Michal Křížek
Identically Distributed Second-Order Linear Recurrences Modulo p, II
     Abstract | Full text

K. Liptai, G. K. Panda, and L. Szalay
A Balancing Problem on a Binary Recurrence and its Associate
     Abstract | Full text

Peter J. Larcombe and Eric J. Fennessey
On a Scaled Balanced-Power Product Recurrence
     Abstract | Full text

R. S. Melham
On the Positive Integer Points of Certain Two Parameter Families of Hyperbolas
     Abstract | Full text

Steven Edwards and William Griffiths
A Combinatorial Identity Related to Cross Polytope Numbers
     Abstract | Full text

Peter J. Larcombe
On the Evaluation of Sums of Exponentiated Multiples of Generalized Catalan Number Linear Combinations Using a Hypergeometric Approach
     Abstract | Full text

Elementary Problems and Solutions
(Edited by Russ Euler and Jawad Sadek)
     Full text (Open)

Advanced Problems and Solutions
(Edited by Florian Luca)
     Full text (Open)

Winners of the Paul Bruckman Prize 287
     Full text (Open)

The Paul Bruckman Prize 288
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